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Core Bolt 4 Kiteboard

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Core Bolt 4 Kiteboard

Wakestyle | Freestyle | Sliders

SIZES: 136×42 | 139×42.5 | 142×42.75



Heart Attacks, Slim Chances, and Krypts are your thing. You know ‘em all, and love adding new ones to your repertoire. You see opportunity when others see tricky shoreline elements. You ride the Bolt 4.









A total of four layers of our proprietary carbon fiber – Cartan – make this board the toughest and most durable board we offer. Its easy-fix Grindbase and bombproof inserts are rail ready. So, enjoy nature’s wonders and ride whatever you want. This pro wakestyle board is built to last.


The Bolt 4 debuts unique top and bottom rails that improve riding comfort and performance. We beveled the top deck between the footpads by approximately 2mm in thickness, and the edge receives a new 60/40 tucked-under rail between the pads that transitions into a flat box rail at the tips.


We designed out reverse flex. We made bottom dings repairable. And we added channels to ride finless if you want. To all the boot purists out there, go big and let your Bolt 4 do the rest.







Cartan® Carbon: CORE’s proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave optimizes torsional and longitudinal flex for a unique riding experience.

New Unibody Edge: Improved connection between top and bottom.

New Lighter 3D Wood Core: Even lighter, CNC’d marine-grade Paulownia

New Multi-Channels: Unbelievable grip and upwind tracking.

New Katana Channels: Improved tip response.

New Beveled Deck: Improved deck stiffness.

New Tucked Under Rails: Improved performance in chop.

Vario Rails: Variable rail thickness for better control.

Pro Fix Grindbase: Snowboard inspired base with high-modulus polyethylene.

Rail Ready Base: The channels are beveled and countersunk between the boots to create a perfect sliding platform.

Pro Rocker: Progressive freestyle rocker that is most pronounced at the centre area and reduced towards to tips.





Bolt 4, 2x G10 Pro fin sets (42mm and 28mm), V4A screws (to attach fins), and Pro Fix repair kit.