Balin Wraprax 1-2 SUP Boards

$119.95 inc GST

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Balin Wraprax 1-2 SUP Boards


The Balin Wraprax don’t require any fittings on your vehicle so no car racks are required.


  • UV resistant webbing
  • Extra strong weave 25mm webbing
  • Double layer stitching
  • Padded Cam Buckles
  • Elastic tidy for loose ends


How To Use

Super easy to use, you slide them out of the included reusable carry bag. Place the pads where you want them on your roof. One up say where your front door is and one say where your rear door is. The straps, that are attached to the pads, are then slid through your windows with your doors closed. On the inside of your car where the two straps meet they buckle together with a slide adjustment that keeps them secure. Place your boards on your car roof top then another set of straps go over the top with a buckle that then secures your boards. It’s super fast and easy.