Pre loved – 8m Core Nexus 3

Original price was: $2,329.00.Current price is: $1,250.00. inc GST




Nexus 3 (Kite only )
RRP$ 2329.00
Now $1250

Extra $650 to complete with Sensor 3s Pro bar and Pump


The kite is in very good condition 9.5/10


The Core Nexus 3 kite is the newest design that offers no compromise, all-around performance with quick turning speed, consistent jumps and top-level handling for any situation. Whether you want a kite for riding waves or foiling, learning to pop and jump for unhooked freestyle or for sending it for big air hang time, the Nexus 3 can adapt to most situations.

Core has the advantage of using their own exclusive high-tech materials and build technology that push new levels of performance, durability and longevity into each new model. The new Nexus 3 reaps the benefits of both material upgrades as well as some design tweaks to their bridles, profile and wingtip shape. The result is that the Nexus 3 feels lighter and more responsive, with faster pivotal turns and overall, a more high end, performance oriented feel for 2023.