Duotone Neo SLS 2023 Kite

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2023 Duotone Neo SLS Kite


Sizes: 5m | 6m | 7m | 8m | 9m | 10m | 11m | 12m

The best wave kite on the market got the SLS treatment; stronger, lighter, and superior, with Penta TX and Trinity TX combining to make a super light and durable kite.

With incredible drift, dynamic turning, and a huge range, the Neo SLS is the only kite to take on the water if you ride a surfboard.


The Neo SLS has significantly impressed the wave riding community by elevating an already pioneering and market-leading kite to unprecedented levels. Through the fusion of Penta TX with Trinity TX and the implementation of a new Hybrid Flex Strut, this kite boasts an exceptionally lightweight and robust construction, weighing up to 15% less than a standard kite. This reduced weight contributes to the Neo SLS’s heightened responsiveness and vastly enhanced drifting capabilities, setting a new benchmark within the industry.

In contrast to conventional kites that might lose their drift, the Neo SLS maintains its drifting capacity, allowing riders to execute their maneuvers effortlessly on the waves. The introduction of the Hybrid Flex Strut further refines the already legendary dynamism of the Neo SLS, integrating new material combinations to deliver superior performance.

Precise tuning of the kite involves a strategic reduction in the percentage of flex material in the tip struts as the kite size increases. For instance, a 5m kite offers more flexibility in the tip struts compared to a 12m, providing greater rigidity and stiffness for larger kites where power is crucial, and enhancing the speed of smaller kites. Even when depowered, with the bar pushed away, the Neo SLS retains its handling and steering capabilities, ensuring riders maintain control while riding the waves.

The Neo SLS features multiple settings on the tips, enabling riders to tailor the kite’s performance to the day’s specific conditions. Whether engaging in a flatwater strapless freestyle session or daring powerful loops, users can set it for maximum pop. Alternatively, while shredding the waves, adjusting it for maximum drift and rapid turning speed ensures an optimal experience.

This kite epitomizes the ideal wave kite: it is swift, offering incredible drift, instantaneous relaunch, and exceptional durability. Whether it’s for riding a surfboard, regardless of your preferred riding style or the prevailing conditions, the Neo SLS promises unparalleled performance, surpassing expectations and fueling your wildest riding aspirations.