ION Amaze Core Wetsuit 4/3 Semidry FZ 2021

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2021 Amaze Core Wetsuit 4/3 Semidry FZ


The ION Amaze Core 4/3 FZ is made from Hot_Stuff 2.0, which ensures that your body stays nice and warm during your cool session. The single padded back panel offers freedom of movement where needed. In addition, this wetsuit has a worry-free lining, Silk_Stuff, that makes it feel super soft on the skin. Amaze Core Backzip models have extra padding on the shins and detachable leg loops to prevent water from entering the suit.



  • 4/3mm thick
  • Front-zip
  • Hot_Stuff 2.0
  • Silk_Stuff
  • Additional protection pads
  • Detachable leg loops