2020 Fanatic Aero Foil 2000 Short Fuselage


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2020 Fanatic Aero Foil 2000 Short Fuselage

Surf / SUP / Wing Foil





Good things come to those who wait! Our next generation of Aero Surf Foils will blow your mind! The new wings are highly efficient, keep flying as long as you want and offer incredibly fluid and forgiving turning!


Recommended User Weight: Allround Surf/SUP 70-100kg / Prone Surf > 85kg / DT Foil Wing All Weight!

Mast Length: 75cm

Fuselage Length: 64cm

Front Wing Wingspan: 985mm

Front Wing Surface: 2000 cm²

Back Wing Wingspan: 500 mm

Box System: Track Foil Mount

Material: Carbon Composite / Back Wing Full Carbon


Aero Foil 2000 Short Fuselage (Allround Prone Surf and SUP): Our new all-rounder is the combination of 2000 front wing / 365 back wing / 64cm fuselage. Plenty of lift, maneuverability, and a good pump will cater for most riders between 70-100kg in small to medium size waves for prone surf and SUP surf foiling, as well as SUP Downwinders for the lighter and medium-size riders.




  • Carbon front and back wings with 30° layup for maximum performance with direct flex response and minimal weight
  • Formula 1 aluminium fusion technology mast – made in Germany – with special profile and increased chord length for 30% higher stiffness compared to other Alu masts
  • Alu Fuselage with an extra-large mounting area for bulletproof connections and maximum load spread
  • Helicoil-threads in mast and fuselage for longevity and maximum strength connections
  • Glued and screwed connection of mast and base plate for extra rigid connection and maximum durability
  • Fuselage > Wing connection without pockets – not getting stuck, no wearing out
  • Wings and fuselages fully interchangeable for upgrades and tuning according to conditions and rider level
  • Individual tuning through supplied wedges – changes the angle of attack
  • Foilbag for the safe transport of your Aero Foil and all accessories, including covers for each individual part. Velcro patches keep all parts in place to avoid damage

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