2019 Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard


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2019 Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard


SIZES 130×39 | 134×41 | 138×43

All-round, freestyle-oriented board for riding in any conditions. Easy to ride from flat water, through chop, and up to small waves.

Rectangular channels on the tips guarantee super upwind performance and stability when riding and jumping on the NHP Split, and a perfectly designed Hydrodynamic rocker line improves the comfort, manoeuvrability and pop. The rocker means the board performs well in chop, while a Split W-Connection (4th generation) maintains the rocker lines and the performance capabilities of the board. The Split also enables easier transportation and storage, as well as being a solution to extra luggage costs –it’s a truly travel-friendly board. The Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape gives it a longer back-side edge, guaranteeing perfect control during the ride, while a shorter toe-side edge translates into fast and agile turns.

For any rider who values user-comfort and is keen to reduce their travel costs.


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