2019 Nobile 2HD Kiteboard (Complete) – 40%OFF

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2019 Nobile 2HD Kiteboard


SIZES 134×42.5 | 137×43

The Hydrodynamic Rocker Line is designed for maximum speed and early planing. Its shape gives very good upwind performance, designed to avoid water resistance at high speeds, and it is contructed using Pop Grower technology, to ensure the most explosive pop. It was also designed to withstand hard landings after performing Big Airs and Megaloops. With the best upwind performance and hard edge grip, 2HD is the fastest board in the twintip collection

This board is dedicated to fast, aggressive riding at high speed on flat water. Best suited for Megaloops and Big Airs, and created for perfect conditions.

For users who already know how to ride and are now on the hunt for fast fun, as well as being the best board for hooked-in flights. This board is suited to a customer who is aware of his or her skills…

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