2018 Nobile SKIM Kite Surfboard


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2018 Nobile SKIM Kite Surfboard


 SIZE 130×50,5

Main features:
– Durable construction
– Skatey feeling
– Very good upwind performance
– The best toy for light-wind conditions

Flex (1-10): 9
Rocker line: Flat Directional
Bottom construction: Wavy Channels system

No other board will give you as much fun when practising
skateboard-like tricks on the water. When the wind stops blowing
and you still want to play, this board is the perfect solution. Thanks
to the Wavy Channels technology, the Skim board is perfect
for freestyle learning and for having fun on the water. The Flat
Directional Rocker lets you ride small waves, moreover the board’s
core is additionally reinforced with the ABS wall, making the board
more resistant. It is also covered with EVA foam with a specially
designed structure to guarantee good grip and overall comfort.

For whom?
For every kiter to play on small waves, perform strapless tricks
and enjoy lightwind conditions.

– APS technology with small channels
– Directional shape for better manoeuvres
– Lightweight construction perfect for freestyle tricks

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