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2018 Naish Carbon Vario RDS Paddle – 20% OFF

$319.00 $255.20



2018 Naish Carbon Vario RDS Paddle – 20%OFF



The Carbon strikes the right balance between performance and value. A carbon/glass fusion blade provides just the right balance between stiffness and flex, for efficient energy transference when cruising and increased balance in waves. Available in both vario and 3-piece options, this paddle is easy to transport and adjust on the fly. The new anti-twist vario system features a single-notch system for perfect blade/handle alignment every time. The Hydro Seal fortifies the shaft exterior creating a watertight seal that enhances buoyancy—a helpful feature for newer paddlers. 

  • Anti-twist Vario System = Easy length adjustment enhanced durability adaptive flex pattern in upper shaft

  • Hydro Seal = More watertight fortifies shaft exterior improves buoyancy
  • Precision Cut CNC HD Core = Absolute precision shaping
  • ABS Rail = Built-in blade edge protection
  • High Temperature Pre-preg Molding = Optimized resin content & cure impact resistant

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