2018 f-one Package

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Discover a newcomer in our shop, the colorful f-one kites!


F-one Bandit 2018

The ultimate all-around Kite that will suit most riders. It will deliver quite a bit of power considering the size, so don’t go too big!

– Top performances in all disciplines.
– Huge wind range
– Controled lateral pull for improved comfort
– Original auto relaunch
– New Reactor Valves for faster inflation.
– New Linx Bar with one line flag out safety system
– New Materials and colour coding for reinforcements
– Prooved durability
– Delta C shape patent


Choose between the 2018 Motion kiteboard from Naish that will do it all! it’s got medium flex and freeride rocker that will eat up the chop and give you a nice ride!Or go for the 2018 North Jaime kiteboard which will deliver freestyle/freeride at its finest. The lively and fun characteristics of the Jaime have led it to the top in terms of popularity.


Don’t forget the 20% discount pads that fit on your board!