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2017 North Gonzales Kiteboard

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2017 North Gonzales Kiteboard


From those first steps to advanced Freeriding, this entry level board ensures a fast learning curve.

– Excellent control due to round outline
– Soft Flex creates a very forgiving board
– A soft trim overall guarantees a comfortable ride in all conditions
– Five sizes cover all types of rider

– Soft Flex
– Mono Concave Bottom
– Biax Fibre construction
– Vario recommended

From the very first steps to advanced Freeriding, the Gonzales ensures a fast learning curve for all levels of riders looking to advance. An incredibly stable and quick-to-plane board, it has enough high PERFORMANCE FEATURES to ensure you won’t outgrow it too quickly. Available in five sizes and with excellent control due to the round outline, the Soft Flex creates a smooth and forgiving ride. If you’re starting out on your kiteboarding adventures or refining the fundamentals, the Gonzales will make the process effortless.