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Always stoked to get involved, challenge ourselves and to progress the sport forwards.

Join us, get involved, and have a sensational time learning this awesome new phase with great people.

Email for more info!


With 98 entries this year the recent Kite Stoke raffle was a hotly contended and got everyone a little excited about the awesome deals up for grabs.

In the end there were 3 winners, they were:

1st Prize – Vinnie Cunha

2nd Prize – Helen McFadzean

3rd Prize – Peter Janusz

For all the info check out

See you on the water!

What a perfect day (& week ahead) for a St Kilda SUP mission.

Will and the lovely ladies got out there and explored St Kilda by sea.

Drop by and grab a board while the conditions are perfect this week.

Wave season is here... check out @naishsup addicted rider Christian Parsons smashing the lip on his Naish Hokua Raptor at his home break in Coffs Harbour this past week.

Definitely worth checking out the awesome Naish SUP range for your wave missions this winter!

Hit us up at @kiterepublicaustralia to find out more!

@naishaustralia @cptn_bob

Always sad to say goodbye after a fantastic season. Very jealous of our resident Scot's time ahead in Bali.

Enjoy and we'll see you soon!

One for the kiting and SUP'ing boys... The @bacheloretteau just contacted us and is looking for kiting & SUP'ing singles to get involved (no pun intended) in their upcoming season.

If you're single and keen on finding 'The One' (or at least having fun along the way) head to
  • ~ THAT'S DEEP ~

You are correct, that's not a wave board. Not only are these @deepoceanboards super quick race winning boards, but they're also heaps of fun out there on the water.

Check out Chris Clarke getting barreled in the lead up to the 12 towers event last month on the new 12'6 DEEP RIOT which also took out a couple of categories in the recent state titles Technical Racing.

Top work @chrisclarke73 and top work DEEP on the amazing new production range. So much positive talk from everyone that sets foot in them!

For more info or to organize a demo on the new DEEP range hit us up on

See you on the water (hopefully in a wave like that)

Great day for some SUP action with Koko & the girls. Looked like heaps of fun and it's always nice to introduce a bunch of new SUPers to our awesome sport.

Great stuff @kokofitpt and team!

@kiterepublicaustralia @fanaticsupaustralia

Fantastic to start the day with the mornings group SUP Training. 25 or so keen paddlers of all levels and board shapes took to the water for this mornings training. Plenty of smiles, panting and friendly banter to boot!

Morning trainings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, no cost, give KR a call for more info and get started today!

You'll be done by 7 and have plenty of time to get to work!

Any surgeons out there that might be able to help Mr Trump extend his little fingers a bit so he can grip the bar?

Would be a shame if he never got the chance to be as cool as Obama!

Haha, have a great weekend boys and girls, Sunday looks epic!

When they're not putting out fires Melbourne's fireys are making the most of their days with KR and logging some well earned water time. Great to see the

The ultimate SUPmobile care of Mr Frenchy 👍

I'm thinking 6 high for the next downwinder is challenge #2.

Who's in?

St Kilda Beach, 30+ degree day, SUP boards getting a great workout and heaps of stoked faces already... so much fun and the afternoon is yet to hit!

Come and hire a SUP from KR, see the best views of the boats and city going around and be a part of the action.
  • ~ WRECKED! ~

What do 25 kiters look like after 8 hours of testing their limits and learning on a KR Camp Weekend? ...and that was just the first day!

Don't miss out on the February KR Camp Weekend, bookings are open and spots are filling fast. 
Head to for more.

Some awesome times on the water this past week. Check out and get involved, join the fun NOW!
  • ~ HAPPY EJ DAY ~

A massive happy birthday to KR Team Rider Ewan Jaspan. Ewan's been leading the freestyle charge in Australia for many years now and between the crazy levels and awesome style he has on the water and his super popular Ewan Jaspan Freestyle Clinics he's been dragging the level up around the country.

If you're keen to follow Ewan's adventures further make sure you like his athlete page: @ewanjaspan

There's never a dull moment behind the scenes at KR. We have been blessed and have always worked super hard to make sure we have the best quality and most fun staff going around.

This popped up today from a team party at our old KR Instructor House 6 years ago.

Always fun & just reminded me how amazing our staff have always been. Think I might have even spotted a small Scottish kid version of @ewanjaspan in the middle there that turned out to be a pretty decent rider as well 😜

Get involved, join the fun at KR 🎉
  • ~ HO HO HO ~

Thanks to all the awesome Santa Claus legends that got involved and made todays Annual KR Santa Claus Downwinder so much fun!

There was just shy of 50 Santa's descending on St Kilda in the best wind this 10 year old event has seen with most people pretty lit on midget kites.

Full album and wrap to come sometime this week, but most importantly a massive shoutout to Jamie from Source for the awesome photos, Katie Potter Kiteboarding for the great photos and car shuffle help, Ewan Jaspan/Adam Brown/Simon Evans and all the riders that helped me with safety and on water help and most importantly all you legends that made Santa proud and got involved.

Great job everyone, hope you have a cracking Christmas!

Streaming the Kite World Cup event from New Cal that was on earlier today.

Swing by and say g'day ✌️️
  • ~ FRONTAL ~

Looks like there will be patches of perfection and plenty of wild and windyness later. 
Northerly 20-30 this morning expected to swing Westerly at similar speed late morning before the SW kicks in later at 20-30 also. Some solids 35+ knit squalls expected at the turn.

Be careful and keep an eye on if you're heading out.