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  • Things don't always go to plan... but it is soooo much fun pushing your limits and learning new tricks.

This absolute cracker is Chilly (@ben.eddy) going the full inverted 'oh s$@t' maneuver while pushing himself on the KR Aitutaki Winter Escapes this year.

We've all been there 😜

Great morning and lots of smiling faces at Brighton. Roughly 15-25 knots NW has kept everyone out there frothing.

Expect a little stronger at times this arvo.


Crazy to think the KR Snowkiting mission was only a couple of weeks back and yesterday we were all rocking shorts, Tshirts and thongs for the @northkitesaus Demo Day and Clinics.

NW winds today should reach about 30 knots with possible storm or two late morning. Would expect Brighton will probably be the pick, be careful out there, will be super unstable and gusty when the storms hit!

Great one here of Jason and Katie creating some new lines on the KR Snowkiting weekend!

#snowkiting #kiterepublic #summeriscoming #shreddingthepow #mthotham

Great afternoon here in St Kilda for the Safety Clinic, Freestyle Clinic & Aniek's Injury Prevention Clinic. 
Winds have turned right up the bay now and we're expecting the SW to hit St Kilda for an awesome @northkitesaus Demo Session.

We're here, see you soon!

North Demo Day, Clinics, possible midget taking to the skies 😉

1pm - Safety Clinic & Freestyle Clinic (your choice... @KR School, St Kilda)
2:30pm - Injury Prevention Clinic for kiteboarding (@KR School)

North Kiteboarding Demo Day all day also. Come and try all the latest 2018 toys and have some fun. Demo might be relocated to Brighton Beach around 3pm. Announcement around midday via KR Facebook page.

#northkites #northdice2018 #northrebel2018 #tryitall #kidsthatkite
  • ~ PARTY TIME ~

See you all tonight for the season opening party and @northkitesaus 2018 product launch. Fun social evening with great prizes. Big thanks to quest Apartments St Kilda for the awesome accommodation door prize also!

6:30pm onwards at @republicastkildabeach 🎥 from KR Aitutaki Winter Escape Island Night.
  • Oh s#%t... this is what we call the full eject (almost)! Phil had a great time learning foiling it Aitutaki this year. This was one of his super early attempts.

Never a dull moment!

#foilfail #funtimes #krwinterescapes #aitutaki

Friday 6:30pm onwards - Season Opening Party & Product Launch (Republica St Kilda Beach)

Saturday 1pm - Free Safety Clinic (@ KR School)

Saturday 1pm - Free Freestyle Clinic (@ KR School)

Saturday 2:30pm - Prepare your body! Clinic (@ KR School)

For more info contact KR on (03) 95370644
  • ~ TAKE ME BACK ~

KR Aitutaki Winter Escapes... a windy paradise to break up the winter chill!

2018 bookings are open @

Plan ahead & don't miss out on your spot!
  • Pow for days... KR's Nick P (@nickincage ) checking the depth at the recent @kiterepublicaustralia Snowkiting Tour! 
#aussiepow #mthotham #kiterepublic #krsnowkiting #snowkiting #huckit

Do you remember the feeling?

Make sure you share the stoke and get some good mates out there with you this season. 
Hit us up at

We teach 12 months of the year!

#kitelessons #kiterepublic #lovingit #stkildakiteboarding #kitesurf #kiteboarding
  • On top of the world... Simon Evans (@bigmtnskierx) showing how it's done at the recent @kiterepublicaustralia Snowkiting Tour to Mt Hotham.

See more KR Events at

Get amongst the fun as St Kilda turns on the sun and wind for a great Saturday Session!

#stkildasessions #turnontheheater #kiterepublic #kr
  • Get the inside scoop on the 2018 North Dice!

#northdice #northdice2018 #kiterepublic #skysolbach #northkiteboarding
  • ~ MIXING IT UP ~

Snowkiting awesomeness with @ewanjaspan on this years KR Snowkiting Tour.

Check out this seasons Kite & SUP Events at

#snowkite #kiterepublic #jumpthecrew #dontlandshort #ewanjaspan #naishaustralia #naishkiteboarding #funtimes #krclub

Simo's stoked with today's Red Paddle Co delivery. We're all stocked up and ready to get you stoked for summer. Come and grab a demo!

#redpaddleco #redpaddle #inflatablesup #comeandgetyourdemo #kiterepublic #chillybinsforall
  • Em stepping it up in the style department! Top stuff madame.

Get on board for 2018...

#aitutaki #krkitetour #aitutakiwinterescape #kiwisgoinglarge #bestonground #bringon2018 #girlsgotstyle #progressiontime
  • ~ TIME TO TRY SOMETHING NEW ~ #sup #standuppaddle #standuppaddleboard #supmelbourne #suplessons #stkilda #surf #supfoil #hydrofoil #foiling #krsupcentre #kiterepublic
  • Mates for life... so much progression and so many laughs on the water, but don't forget about the amazing times and friendships formed off the water too... Don't miss out on 2018, BOOK NOW!

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  • ~ IT'S ON NOW ~

Check it out at