Naish Twin Tips 2016 Review by Ewan Jaspan

naish 2016 twin tipsStoked to be able to share this Naish Twin Tips 2016 Review by Ewan Jaspan with you. Ewan has been a Kite Republic / Naish International Team Rider for many years and when it comes to knowledge and passion for learning more about kiteboarding equipment there aren’t many around even close to Ewan’s league. Hope you enjoy and if you have any further questions or would like to demo any of the Naish 2016 range please don’t hesitate to drop in and grab some demo toys from us at Kite Republic in St Kilda.

Naish Twin Tip Range 2016

2016 Naish DUB

For 2016 the Dub has gone through some slight changes, while keeping the same easy going feel and high performance Dub riders are used to. The new Dub features a slightly flatter rocker line. This offers better low end and increases the board speed through the water. Also new to this year is the introduction of a 140×42.5 and a 142×43. These sizes are what all the bigger riders have been waiting for, and now the Dub is sized to cater for all shapes and sizes.

The Dub is designed to perform in all aspects of kiteboarding. The Dub is focused towards freestyle/freeride performance, but using a wakestyle-influenced design helps this board deliver a smooth ride, explosive pop and soft landings. The bottom shape has many features that will help your riding. It has deep channels to create grip and drive, allowing you to ride smaller fins. The advantage of this is that you have the same amount of traction in the water, but you won’t trip over your fins and you will have more play in your board.

The Dub is going to work for almost every rider on the market, it’s an easy board to do your first turns on, but take it to the next level and it will outclass almost any board out there for unhooked tricks and wakestyle riding.

This board is used by Kite Republic & Naish International team rider Ewan Jaspan, have a chat to him about it when he’s in town or demo it out the shop!


2016 Naish MONARCH

The Monarch is the highest performing board in the Naish lineup. It caters for riders looking for the latest in board technology featuring a super light weight construction, insane drive and explosive power in an instant.

New for 2016 is a lowered rocker line, making this board the fastest in the range. The board also has a stiffer construction, adding to the lively feel of the board under your feet. Also new is the construction which features double basalt fibre. This makes the board not only stronger, but also more responsive than ever to rider input.

monarchbottomThe Monarch bottom shaping is designed to provide increased tracking upwind and insane edge control. This board is focused on giving high performance to all riders. If your interested in getting out on the water, going fast, jumping high and looking at progressing your freestyle riding, the Monarch is the board in the Naish line you should be looking at. You won’t ever try a board that feels so alive under your feet!

This board is used by Naish International team rider and big air competitor Kevin Langeree. Come and try a demo at Kite Republic!


2016 Naish MOTION

The new motion is once again the ultimate freeride board. If you are looking for the most versatile design on the market look no further. The Motion is equally at home slicing through butter flat water as it is in the surf or 40 feet in the air.

In 2016 the Motion features tapered rails to reduce weight and increase grip, a triple concave for pure drive and control, bevelled tunnel edges for better tracking and softer landings and a medium flex for comfort in all conditions.

If you’ve battled knee pain or are looking for something that will allow you smoothen out your ride in the chop without taking anything away from the higher end performance then the Motion is a great choice.

The new graphics pop out the water like nothing else, coupled with superior versatility and high performance, the new Motion is the board you need if you want to free your ride.


2016 Naish ALANA 

The ever growing in popularity Alana series from Naish is back and better than ever in 2016. The Alana is a dedicated women’s board with a wide range of uses. Whether you are looking to freeride, explore the world of freestyle kiteboarding or just play around in the waves, the Alana will prove worthy in all conditions.

Everything on the Alana board has been designed to work better around a lighter rider and caters specifically for women’s needs. The powerful rocker line, 3D bottom shaping, and supreme wood core work together to give you explosive pop, superior grip and tracking, a great strength to weight ratio and natural flex, respectively.

The Alana comes with hot graphics that everyone is sure to love. The team at Naish have clearly worked closely with advice from female kiteboarders for this board to come out and work as well as it does. Get down to Kite Republic and talk to any of the girls who ride this board such as Katie Potter to hear what all the rage is about.


Remainder of Naish 2016 Twin Tip range

If you’d like further information on the MEGA, HERO, GROM or ORBIT please don’t hesitate to email us at or call the shop on (03) 9537 0644.


From the designer

Check out this short clip featuring Naish Kite designer Damien Giardin talking through the 2016 Naish Board Range

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