Naish Demo Day – St Kilda

Naish Demo Day
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It’s always great to have the Naish Australia Crew come to visit with their van full of goodies. JB definitely didn’t disappoint at the Naish Demo Day – St Kilda… he bought the wind, the toys, and plenty of knowledge and information for all those that came along to tap into.
It’s always nice when reps are stoked to go above and beyond and help as much as they can, JB definitely showed he was happy to do this by joining the crew for a staff training session Friday night. It was great to hear his take on the Naish Demo Daynew 2016 range and also fantastic to see the staff challenging themselves in new areas of kite design and information that are often left only to the designers.

Thanks again Naish Australia!

If you’re keen to try any of the 2016 Naish range of kites or SUPs make sure you head down to Kite Republic & the KR SUP CENTRE and grab a demo!

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