Chris Sal|St Kilda - Local

Passionate Kiter, SUP’er, Instructor & Trainer. Chris totally followed his passion and has since worked hard to develop KR into the fun community it is today. When he’s not sharing the stoke on a KR CLUB Trip he’s generally either trekking around Oz training new Kite Instructors, chasing wind and/or waves or walking a fairway wishing his ball was on it!

Cesar Carreno|Colombia

“The Colombian” Passionate Kiteboarder that always has a smile. He left behind his engineer career to follow what he enjoys most in the ocean.

Warwick Lee|Australia

Warwick’s love for stand up paddling started before you could even buy a dedicated board.
His knowledge is vast and he lives and breathes everything the ocean has to offer. Having been in the sport since its inception within Australia, he’s also raced at State and National level and has earned some fine credentials.
Warwick heads up the KR SUP retail and teaching program. Catch him on the water or in the store!

Sarah Cheeseman|St Kilda - Local

Shop girl, club/tour organiser & accounts!
Passionate kiter and still just excited about heading out for a session as when starting out! Has just had some time off to breed a little one, we’re looking forward to seeing you back in action again this summer.

Simon Evans (Simo)|New Zealand

The Kiwi that does it all; shop, lessons, repairs, you name it!  He ditched the usual 9-5 office job to follow his passion, and has never looked back! When hes not in the shop you will often see him lurking around the kiddy pool or trying to kite home.

Ewan Jaspan|St Kilda - Local

KR / Naish international Rider

Katie Potter|Australia

KR / Naish international Rider

Pierre Guillemont|France
Dani Ford|New Zealand

Since visiting Aitutaki on a kite trip back in 2012, her life has changed for the better with kiting taking over her life! Loving and living to embrace all the elements of mother nature, kiting was bound to be an addiction she couldn’t give up.

Carlos carreno|Colombia
Thomas Branse (Ben)|Germany

Tom has been flying kites since he was a kid and after moving to Australia 5 years ago, got completely hooked on kiteboarding. His passion for the sport knows no limits so expect to see him at the beach whenever there’s a breeze as well as the KR Ride Days.

Sofia Carreno|Colombia
Nick Pettigrove|Australia
Thor Birtley|Australia

Our local god of thunder, Thor is originally from Melbourne but joined us after living in Sweden for 7 years, where he kited in nearly freezing water and up on mountain tops. He’s now happily back in Melbourne, watching footy and getting his kite on as often as possible.

Jeremy Robinson|Australia

KR / Naish Australia Team Rider
Jeremy has been pushing himself, going hard, and leading the way in Victoria for a number of years now. His “all in” attitude on the kite has seen him progress at a phenomenal rate and his super friendly personality has always made him very popular on the beach.
Known for his super slick back mobes, Jeremy always worth a watch along the St Kilda skies.

Clement Lancelot|France

The flying Frenchman: half pilot, half kite surfer; this one was made to fly. You’ll hear him cracking jokes around the beach, and he is always stoked to either be in the cockpit of a plane or out there getting his kite students killing it!

Adam Brown|Australia
Benny Fink|Australia

SUP’er, Kiter, Surfer – I’m a water addict!  When I’m not in the ocean I’m dreaming about it and when I’m in the ocean I’m always happy. I have an attachment with the ocean and love all watersports.

Pato Romero|Chile

Pato left entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile to start a journey travelling around the world and teaching kiteboarding.

Agata Sosnowska|Poland

Agata was born in Poland, started kitesurfing 5 years ago, and became an instructor 2 years after. She discovered that the sport allows her to travel the world and see remote tropical places that she never dreamt of.