KR Snowkiting Tour 2015

SnowkitingAs the sun came up Friday morning we were a good few hundred kilometres along the Hume Freeway and the excitement was building… except for Carlos… he just slept 😉

With one last stop in Harietville to send Thor on a woodpile-pillaging mission the Nàgen game was complete and we were on our way towards that ever enticing blue sky that was signaling perfection up on top.

For us there was only one thing on our minds… forget the lodge, forget unpacking, it was all about the kite spot and getting our Snowkite on… and it didn’t disappoint. With a solid 1.5 to 2 hours of Snowkiting to kick us off on Friday morning we were sore, set, and sated as we unpacked at the lodge and headed for the slopes.

SnowkitingIt’s always nice when you know there’s a fantastic group of people out there keen to rip around the hill and hang out, it adds that little bit of spice to an already fun weekend up on the hill.

With the games, the drinks, and music and the crew firing on all cylinders during the evenings, and the mountain turning it on with a solid spring snow cover, 2 bluebird days, a minimum 2 hours of fun wind for snowkiting on the Friday/Saturday and an entire day of 15+ knots on Sunday it was a weekend of fun all round.

We hope you can make it down to the KR CLUB October Social Night as the Snowkiting Awards are unveiled, and hope you enjoy the pics.

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