KR Club Ride Day – Inverloch – 13th Dec

We arrived in Inverloch just before 10am, welcomed with an incoming tide, filling up the pools and leaving only a couple of sand bars to create some awesome butter flat sections of water for all our KR members to play.


From the moment we pulled up the wind was ready for us! We hit the beach pumped up and sent the keen group out. With lots of new faces out on the water it was very exciting to see where their riding level was and help answer loads of great questions.



2After the morning session lunch was ready to be served, with the BBQ cranking it was time to go through some upwind riding techniques and learn all about the tide and how it can effect your riding, with the tide about to change it was the perfect time to get back out there and put the theory to practice.




With a few entertaining line tangles and people building confidence left right and centre it wasn’t surprising when everyone was ready to pack up at 5pm after 6 hours of full on, non stop kiting.




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