KR Mega Demo, Beach Party & Katie Potter Girls League

KR Mega Demo, Beach Party & Katie Potter Girls League
Katie Potter Girls League
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Cranking winds, an awesome range of kites and boards from North, Naish, Best & Nobile as well as a great vibe and awesome people filling St Kilda Beach ¬†could only lead to 1 thing… Great times and awesome sessions!

Of the 50 or so crew that tested gear and made the most of the 20-25 knot SW that fired through there was nothing but good feedback. Lots of different stuff to try and lots of different styles to work out and dial in.

DemoThanks to Alex and the music crew that kept the North Kiteboarding tent pumping and had an awesome vibe going on as the sun was setting, and thanks to everyone that helped setting up, cooking the BBQ and packing up, it was very much appreciated.

The Katie Potter Girls League was in full swing with all the ladies involved getting pumped right up and trying a bunch of new tricks. From all reports surface passes and S-Bends were high up there on the agenda and everyone came in absolutely buzzing!

If you’re keen on demo’ing any of the gear for a longer period please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

To check out some of the great KR range CLICK HERE.

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