KR CLUB San Remo Ride Day – Jan 21st, 2017

KR CLUB San Remo Ride Day – Jan 21st, 2017
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Another cracking day for the beach as the KR Ride Day crew headed to San Remo for a day of flat water perfection. With the perfect low tide timing of just after 1pm the bay looked as glassy as you’ll see it. Unfortunately the standard 10’s and 12’s didn’t make it into the skies for long, but the bigger kites and especially 15m Juice’s were getting the ultimate workout with plenty of lighter wind action for everyone to get amongst.

As well as this it was awesome to see everyone’s interest in the clinics throughout the day. From light wind skills, to equipment styles, upwind riding and tips for landing and trialing new tricks.

2Lots of smiles, a bit of SUP’ing during the arvo when it dropped off more and although we didn’t get the perfect winds it was fantastic to get everyone involved, learning, and making the most of a very nice beach Saturday!

A few special mentions need to go to… Soph for her epic 400+ metre controlled rides. Cheryl for her epic backwards running man back flop off the SUP, Andrew… first on the water, awesome energy and kicking ass on the directional. Mario for the epic effort just turning up after car trouble. Sam for his first controlled rides on the Juice before lunch. Rob for creating a new wrestling move… ‘The SUP flop body slam’. Elliot for smashing his first real light wind riding attempts and being the last off the water. Hannes for the awesome attitude, and epic work with light wind kite control. Vinnie, Mr Tech, taking it all in and increasing knowledge across the board. Jake for the great self launching & landing work and getting involved in everything through the day.

1And there was so much more.

Hope everyone had a fantastic day and we look forward to getting you out there on the next KR CLUB event.

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