KR CLUB Phillip Island Camp Weekend Wrap – Jan 2017

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WOW… that is definitely a weekend that left everyone well and truly WRECKED! With an awesome buzz going through the group when we arrived to see 25 knots and some awesome flat water across the San Remo inlet it was clear that Saturday was going to be a day of epic kiting!

After a safety chat and small group clinics to get everyone primed for some awesome progression it was fantastic to see the excitement that everyone had to hit the water.

1The first 2-3 hours of kiting were awesome before the tide crept up and the wind started getting a little strong for a majority of the riders for the middle couple of hours of the day. For the stronger riders out there it was awesome to see the height and new PB’s on the WOO getting shattered (Great work Luke, 13m is a great achievement).

After a very satisfying lunch, some fun games that everyone got into and some debriefs from the mornings session and tips and tricks to move forwards the wind and the tides had started to drop and we were treated with another 3 or so hours of epic San Remo flat water to round out Saturday’s kiting mission.

As always Chef’s Nick & Bart were outstanding and we were treated to some outstanding food and 2birthday cakes/singing for Pierre & Neil before the guitars, drums, pinball, nail games, pool, table tennis, massive Jenga, Loupin’ Louie and a few ‘quiet drinks’ kicked into gear just to make sure everyone was well and truly wrecked before they hit the sack. Good times!

Another great meal to kick the day off as the ‘dusty’ and tired faces started appearing out of tents, vans, swags etc. Always entertaining to hear everyone’s recollections of the fun from the night before.

A quick campsite pack up and goodbye to Richard and Cathy, our awesome hosts and it was time to return to San Remo as the wind was looking borderline light but a great direction yet again for some fun on the water there again.

2aWith a bunch of technique and skills clinics as we waited for it to build the bigger 15m North Juices were being put to good use and providing a lot of fun on the water, but even still the lulls were making it difficult for them as well.

A fun day either way and as always on the KR Camp Weekends it was an outstanding group and really nice mix of people that made it along and made it so much fun.

A huge thankyou to Matt, Pato, Nick, Craig & Luke who helped me out and were fant8castic throughout the weekend. Thanks to Bart for helping out in the kitchen, Phil for sorting out the nail game, Luke for the sweet Loopin’ Louie game for the club and a huge thankyou to all of you legends that made it along, bought such good attitudes along with you and made it the awesome weekend it was. Hope you met some great new mates and have heaps of fun stuff to work on until we meet again!


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