Kite Republic Australia supports Aitutaki Primary School (Araura Primary) and receives amazingly warm welcome by all

Aitutaki Primary School
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It was a morning none of those on the Kite Republic Aitutaki Winter Escape will forget.

After spending 20 days on tour in Aitutaki kitesurfing on Honeymoon Island, arguably the worlds most beautiful kiteboarding location for 16 of these with Quinton from Wet and Wild, and the other few days swimming with whales, snorkeling with Giant Trevally and enjoying Aitutaki, the group was extremely excited to be able to give back to the local community.

All the KR Tour goers had jam packed their bags with pens, pencils, heaps of kids kites, coloring books, bigAitutaki Primary School chalk blocks, crayons, stickers and more and had been looking forward to the children returning for their first day back from holidays to be able to hand them over.

The KR crew were very warmly welcomed by the Aitutaki Primary School (Araura Primary) Principal Mr Retire Puapii and his fantastic team, and were honored with a very nice presentation to KR Owner Chris Sal and the KR Tour Crew to whom all of the children and staff alike sang traditional music and passed on a warmth the only Aitutaki and the Cook Islands could produce.

Aitutaki Primary SchoolThe Kite Republic Team are very much looking forward to returning in 2016 and cannot wait to bring more kites along for the children of Aitutaki Primary School and look forward to getting them started in our fantastic sport of kiteboarding.

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