Inverloch Ride Day – KR CLUB – Feb 12, 2017

Inverloch Ride Day – KR CLUB – Feb 12, 2017

A pumping and fun filled KR CLUB Ride Day in Inverloch. With morning winds that were ideal to get everyone started and plenty of water for us to share it was a great start to the day. Lots of interest and learning throughout the clinics, safety briefs and off water time then stepped up a notch as everyone hit the water and got out there.

As the day wore on the winds decided to fire up even further which was great for the intermediate to advanced crew out there, however it made learning on the little midget kites a fair bit tougher for the beginner2a crew as they respond that much quicker and don’t give you quite as much time to correct any steering issues.

Great times out there, thanks to everyone that came along and got involved and we look forward to getting you all back out there soon.

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