BEST Trick Tips: Nail them, polish them, then get a ticket to the next PKRA stop!

Great work Best Kiteboarding… a few short videos to help you get some extra motivation and try something new. We find half the time people get stuck it isn’t because they’re scared to try something new, it’s generally because they’ve been doing the same things and until they come along for a clinic or lesson they just don’t know what to try.

Hopefully some of these videos will help you start to push the envelope again. And remember, if you’re really keen to progress and learn some new stuff give the Kite Republic Crew a call and come and join some KR CLUB Events. Call us on (03) 9537 0644 for more.

1. Raley

2. Raley to Toe

3. Backroll

4. Back to Toe

5. Raley to Blind

6. Blind Judge

7. Raley to Wrapped

8. Back to Blind

9. Front to Toe

10. Front to Blind

11. Front to Wrapped

12. 313

13. Blind Judge 3

14. KGB

15. Slim Chance

16. Back Mobe

17. 315