KR Best Photo Competition 2017 – Win a Ripcurl Search GPS Watch

Join the “KR Best Photo Competition 2017 – WIN A Ripcurl Search GPS Watch!”. With an awesome bunch of assorted kite/sup photos involved last year it was great fun to see the lead swings and battles throughout the leaderboard. 2016 saw Nathan Bridges (kite) taking top prize from Steve Armstrong (SUP) with Stephen Brayshaw (kite) rounding … Continued

Kite Stoke Raffle Winners

Thankyou to everyone that got involved in the recent Kite Stoke Raffle. With 98 entries this year it was a hotly contended raffle that got everyone a little excited about the awesome deals up for grabs. In the end there were 3 winners, they were: 1st Prize – Vinnie Cunha – Prize: 50% Discount Voucher for … Continued

The Kite Lowdown – Naish 2017-2018

Check out this great ‘Kite Lowdown’ with Robby Naish and head kite designer Damien Girardin. When looking for a new kite, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the choices on the shelf and hard to decide which will best suit your needs. When it seems that nearly every kite claims to have the performance … Continued

Rye Ride Day – KR CLUB – Apr 8, 2017

Rye Ride Day – KR CLUB – Apr 8, 2017 After postponed ride days in March and the wind not working in our favour lately, everyone was buzzing and full of excitement with the prospect of being able get out on the water with the KRew on Saturday 8th April.  Daylight savings prompted an early start … Continued

Which kite to choose / What is the best kite for me?

Which kite to choose? What is the best kite for me? North Kiteboarding’s Jeremie Tronet from the JT Pro Center on Union Island reviews the full 2017 North Kite range. His ability across different styles of kiteboarding will provide you valuable information about how each type of kite is designed to react, and how choosing the … Continued