2017 Wilson’s Prom Surf Weekend

2017 Wilson’s Prom Surf Weekend For the past 8 years, Sup Vic have had an annual surf weekend during Autumn. What originally started out as a surf comp/expression session, has gradually now morphed into a surfing social expression session. No heats, no organized times, just the pure freedom of being able to surf when and … Continued

HIF 2017 Victorian State SUP Titles

HIF 2017 Victorian State SUP Titles The stage for this year’s titles was set under perfect blue skies, glaring sun and light winds. Over the past few years, this event has steadily grown and now attracts not only seasoned paddlers and surfers, but also paddlers who enjoy the training, racing and surfing at the intermediate … Continued


It’s EASTER SALE time… check out some of the awesome savings! *PLEASE NOTE* – You will need to contact us to get most of these great prices… we are yet to update a majority of the individual items. See the bottom of the page for a taster & click on the picture you’d like to … Continued