NSP Demo Day – Nov 5th

Here’s your chance to see, touch and paddle the very same boards that help top ranked paddlers, Travis Grant and Titouan Puyo achieve amazing results on the world stage. The 2017 NSP/DC range is all new and has some innovations that firmly makes them one of the most sought after brands. Travis and Tito are … Continued

Rye Ride Day Wrap – KR CLUB – Oct 15

Does the thought of 7 or 8 hours of straight kiteboarding make you tired? Not these guys… in fact a couple of them didn’t even come in and take advantage of the BBQ lunch! I’m sure everyone slept pretty well that night. Arriving at just after 9am it was already on, while by the time … Continued

Reflection with Aaron Hadlow

Checkout Aaron Hadlow as he attacks some of the finest flat water going around. I think a trip to Sicily is definitely on the cards after seeing this…