Altona Ride Day – KR CLUB – March 19

Epic forecasts with great wind and tides expected looked a little shaky early on as the Westerly winds were a little too prominent. Soon enough however it straightened up and with just enough time for everyone to maximise their clinic time at the start of the day it was time to put it all into … Continued

Bring Chocolate KITE & SUP SALE

            Easter only comes around once a year… and it always signals something great for us Victorians. A) the return of our world famous waves, and B) the ability to eat copious amounts of chocolate without feeling the least bit bad. Being the wave & chocolate enthusiasts we are, we … Continued

San Remo Ride Day – KR CLUB – March 14th

There’s nothing better than turning up to San Remo, looking out at the bay from the top of the cliff and seeing perfectly flat water, a beautiful low tide, and plenty of wind to make the most of the day. PERFECTION! After safety briefings, some great clinic chats and plenty of friendly banter as everyone … Continued