Merry KRistmas from the KRew (& KRistmas Trading Hours)

We hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and get’s a chance to challenge themselves out there on the water in the coming weeks. The KR KRew started their day in style this morning with a great range of wipeouts, laughs, faceplants and challenges on the Flowrider. Come down and check out our bruises from this … Continued

Santa Claus Downwinder 2015

The Annual KR Santa Claus Downwinder is always a good laugh. Seeing Santa’s flying through the skies, fighting to keep their pants up on the water and shovelling mouthfuls of fluffy beards out of their way are just a few of the things that make this social event such a laugh. I think my favourite … Continued


Make sure you get town to KR **ASAP** and check out the awesome deals on all Kites and SUP’s while the KR XMAS Kite & SUP SALE is ON NOW! Use online shop voucher code: kristmassale for 15% off all kiteboarding & SUP Accessories. Call the KR shop for more information and further discounts on specific … Continued

Great Melbourne Paddle 2015

Dead still, glassy waters… for the not so stable on their boards this is a blessing, but for the more experienced paddlers it means zero runners, zero rest, 100% SLOG! Congratulations to the SUPVIC Team for putting together a very successful and very high energy race format that kept racers on their toes from start … Continued

Katie Potter’s Naish Girls League (Round 1)

It’s the forecast you dream of as a kiter. A sunny 17-20 knots expected to grow just a little as the day goes on… and it didn’t disappoint. Starting on 10m kites the girls got their confidence up and then made the switch to 7m’s as it picked up a little. Katie Potter’s world class … Continued