Grom Sitting with Jesse Richman & Co.

Wow, I totally got ripped off in the babysitting stakes as a kid… check out this epic little adventure in Maui with Jesse Richman & Co. at Naish Beach. Look closely at 3:16 and see how many people are on those 2 kites as they jump the canopy. Enjoy

Kite Crash Showdown

Check out this awesome Kite Crash Showdown in Kite Crash 6. How crazy is it to see the boards becoming missiles once attached to a leash, crazy stuff! Hope you enjoy! Kite Crash 6 from Diego sss on Vimeo.

10 Days with Len10 – Episode 3: Ride Hard

Awesome to see another jam packed episode in 10 Days with Len 10 – Episode 3: Ride Hard. A look behind the scenes at the worlds most extreme kiteboarder as well as the Red Bull King of the Air action… and that crash that spoken about around the world in kiting circles. Enjoy!